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videa voarte ~ O Depois ~ Promo
Alena Dittrichová a Bruno Alves - Estúdio 8
Histerismo masculino




Own Projects


Gertruda - dance -theater(2011)
ATE MADRUGADA - new cirque - dance - theatre (2010)
WRINKLED– dance – theater performance accompanied by live music (2008)
PÁVÁNKY- dance – theater fairy tale accompanied by live music (2007)
NO ME LLORES (DON´T CRY)- dance theater (2004)
SECRETION - dance theater(2003)
HIBRIDIZATION - dance theater(2000)

Co - creation


THE END OF THE DIALOGUE – Ctibor Turba, Alena Ditrichová (2003)

O TEMPO MODERNO - MODERN TIME - VOARTE and CIM production, coreography Alena Dittrichova
OPUS TUTTI - (2012)

Project Participants

FAIRY TALE OVER THE DROPS- children interactive fairy tale – directed by Lenka Tretiagova(2007)
ALCHYMIST – street performance directed by Dominik Tesař(2006)
HIGHT IMPERNÁKLE –street performance on the stilts (2006)
COVERED BY OUR SNOW- choreography by Kristýna Lišková-Boková (2006)
THE DREAM HUNTER´ S DIARY - directed by Biljana Golubovič (2005)
FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE - directed by Pierre Nadaud (2002)
FALLING There - directed by Ondřej Lipovský (2000)

International Projects

O NADA - Voarte and CIM production(2011)
ON THE WAILS - Voarte and CIM production(2010)
O DEPOIS – Voarte and CIM production(2009)
WAISTE -  Voarte and CIM production(2009)
ASHES PROJECT – directed by Jenni Kokomaki(2009)
SIGNATURE(S) - choreography by Serge Ambert (2006)
ON THE WAY WITH HER- choreography by Serge Ambert (2003)
LE TÉMOIN (THE WITNESS)– choreography by Claude Brumachon (2002)
BLACK SOULS - MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts) (2001)


Pedagogic experience

Between the year 2004 - 2007 Alena Dittrichová has been teaching at the Academy of Performing Arts in Brno as an assistant to the well known actor and mime artist Ctibor Turba. She taught classes for dance and movement techniques.

2005 - Festival Tanambourree - dance workshop for children
2005 – 2007 - V.S.H. – Actorest college - dance and movement techniques for actors
2006 ZUS – Basic artist school – dance for the children
2006 Kinder garden – dance for 3years old children
2006 – Teacher and assistant choreography for the children performance “Peter” in the summer academy for the children studio of the dance theater Ponec
2008 Dancing summer – Jablonec – workshop of dance – theater
2009 DRUNA N.P.– Workshop – “The body hidden landscape”
She has also given rehabilitation and relaxation technique classes for elderly people.
2010 DRUNA N.P.– Workshop – “The body hidden landscape”continuation
2010 Memory of body, memory of voice – Dance singing workshop together with singer Ridina Ahmedova

theatre accompanied by live music

Inside a young woman, there is an oldone resting. Inside an old woman a youngone is thronging. The two meet sporadically, in their visions, in their dreams and memories. As if they were anticipating something

Concept and choreography: Alena Dittrichová
Creative co-operation: Ondřej Lipovský, Zita Pavlištová, Zdenka Svíteková
Due to a recent accident the brave Bára Látalová has to perform instead of the injured Zita Pavlištová.
Music: Jan Burian, Ágnes Kutas, Zuzana Vlčinská
Scenic design: Bára Garcia
Costume design: Kamila Čubová
Light design: Jan Komárek

The performance is a fusion of folkloretradition with live music. It is a quest for connections betweendance, music and theatre. An important inspiration for the performancewas provided by an old folk song linked to a legend."Granma, sing", they asked the old toothless woman. "Giveme a cigarette, then", said she. She inserted the cigarette ina place to her mouth where, long ago, there used to glitter a whitetooth, and she started singing a song of her life story. A storythat might seem banal and ordinary but the same as life as suchit incorporates an immense depth through which we all cruise.

Dedicated to Eliška Šamalíková

The project was created with the support from TheCity of Prague.The partners of the project: M.O.T.U.S, Alfred ve dvoře, DRUNA - Náhorníplanina, o.s. Terra Madoda, Divadlo 29 - Pardubice.

Visual motion performance inspired by Francis Bacon´s paintings.

direction: Pierre Nadaudchoreography: Pierre Nadaudlight design: Vladimír Burianmusic: David Vrbíkperformed by: Pierre Nadaud, Alena Dittrichová, Michaela Komárková, Martin Frys, Ondřej Lipovskýset design: Ondřej Lipovský, Pierre Nadaud

Disquieting Bacon´s figures draw attention to forces of the body, which have already nothing in common with the psychology and the art of forms. The body overflows the skin borders in a special kind of inner irritation. Just like a dance from which we removed figures and balances. Dance of falls, decay, and discharges, dance of nerves and flesh. A certain kind of animal hysteria turns over the individuality of faces. Just like a theatre, where we would tear words from actor´s mouths and prevented them from gesticulation. Theatre-circus, where the simplest displacements end positions become dangerous, where relationships between people are mainly rudely physical. The things of our everyday life - tables, chairs, a knife, washing basins, and various jars are subjected to torture and domination. It is hard to imagine how water toils to stay in a glass or our bodies struggle to balance everything - bottoms, trunks, necks - erect and solid on the four legs of a chair standing at attention on the uneven terrain of tiles. Bodies, like water, struggle to escape through all pores of their skin from these wrongly acquired and hostile poses. Everyday cruel and funny acrobatics quickly turn into a flood. Bodies overflow. Let´s call it dance.

Visual dance performance inspired by children dreams

Conception, choreography: Kristýna Liška BokováMusic: Jan BurianArtistic collaboration: E. K. GeislerStage design: John + Jitka BokoviCostumes: Jitka BokováCollaboration on costumes: Tereza Hrzánová a Ingrid ZikmundovskáLight design: Jan JungvirtDancers: Tereza Rýmská, Alena Dittrichová, Jana Vránová, Eva Kulhánková, Milan Loviška

Children dreams, wishes, images snow-bounded inside of ourselves...So we played and brought these images back to life.

Dance improvisation with Jiří Lőssl on the music by Vojtěch and Irena Havlovi.

Dance improvisation with Jiří Lőssl on the music of the ZAOBZOR band.